The first FREE Dnn platform theme editor!

The DnnThemeEditor can be incorporated into any Dnn theme easily with 1 config file and 1 template file.


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Configure any css class

Configure any css class to make your Dnn theme editable, this not only includes the foreground and background colors, but also images, padding, margins, font-families and font colors to name a few things that can be changed via the editor.



Fully documented for implementation

The DnnThemeEditor is fully documented so that you can set up your theme to be editable. The setup is easy, incorporate the DnnThemeEditor SkinObject, add the link to the auto generated Css file, then configure the editor to replace the css classes that you want it to!

The editor toolbar can be dark or light so that it stands out from you theme design, the DnnThemeEditor tab can be positioned where it needs to be so that it doesn't conflict with the site navigation and you can specifiy which user role can edit the theme.



Get us to implement the DnnThemeEditor for you

Don't want to incorporate the DnnThemeEditor yourself? We can do it for you!

Make use of our DnnThemeEditor service, tell us what you would like to be editable in your theme and we'll make sure that it happens!

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This site uses the DnnMinimalist theme from DnnConsulting.net

This site uses the FREE DnnMinimalist Dnn Theme from DnnConsulting.net.

Dnn Minimalist Free theme for Dnn

Download it for free and use it on your own site, click here!


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